Hi I’m XMetalWolf and this is the 1st edition of the above title.

I have decided to write this article today to do something else in free time rather than watch anime & play video games all day.

I don’t really have much confidence in my writing nor critical skills so I hope you will enjoy reading this despite that and provide advice if you may on improvement.

This time I’ll be taking a look at a personal favorite anime of mine that has already put out a good no. of episodes since the beginning of its new season. The first part of this review will be a small overview of the currently aired episodes while the main part will be of the latest aired episode.

So without further ado let’s get to the review:

Gintama (small circle on top right): Eps 1-13


The first 13Eps consist of 6 standalone eps and 3 arcs of 2 , 2 & 3 eps respectively. The quality of the standalone eps usually ranged from amusing to hilarious with no major drop in quality. My favorite ones being Eps 8 & 1

The 1st ‘arc’ follows the gang trying to the time to flow again after it suddenly froze. The 1st ep was good overall especially the whole skipping time so much that people end up dead but the 2nd one was really a big step forward and showed Gintama still had had after coming back from its break.

The 2nd ‘arc’ tells the tale of the phantom fifth member of the Joi rebels. This one was personally my favorite one so far showing a more lax side of Gintoki’s past with a continuous stream of great joke throughout the 2 eps and an amazing conclusion to boot.


The 3rd arc follows the cast of Gintama getting gender bent and trying to restore their original bodies. Overall I was kind of disappointed with this one. Seeing everyone react and sorta adapt to their new genders was fun but most of the jokes fell flat or were recycled a bit much. On the more serious side of things it was nice that Kyubei got some development as this arc suited her perfectly.

So to sum things up a pretty good 1st cour for this new season of the this amazing anime.

Gintama ( small circle on top right): Ep14



Ep14 sees the beginning of Gintama‘s Reaper arc and if things keep going like this it may very well be one of the sow’s best. The 1st ep introduces us to Ikadea Asaemon , a member of the family of the Bakufu’s executioners who ran away from home in order to protect her family and to her brother the current family head and our mystery serial killer. The ep was pretty spot on in its execution with a lighter comedy heavy 1st half and a more toned down 2nd. The biggest plot points here being the new characters and the fact that Gintoki was one of the criminals the former head helped escape.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, all the jokes hit and our newly introduced Reaper seems pretty interesting (and cute too).The brother also surprised me as from my initial assessment I assumed him to be our primary villain but it didn’t turn out so (yet). I was also quite intrigued at the ending revelation and the events that went down at the time. On another note I really liked the stylized animation used when Asaemon’s past was shown.

Overall a wonderful setup for the Reaper arc which I hope continues on with such quality Eps.


That’s that, thanks for reading & I hope you will check out the next one(whenever it comes out).