Hi there everyone and welcome back (or just welcome) to the 2nd edition of the above title this time with a sub-title.

This time I’m going to be covering four anime that are currently airing this season with hopefully more to come as time goes along. I might also add older anime that I have watch recently to the following editions.

So now that the introduction’s over let’s get to the reviews:-

Denpa Kyoushi :Eps1-6


This show wasn’t one on my y radar at all, but one day I found myself with no news eps to watch & that also happened to be the day the 1st dubbed ep of this show released so I said why the hell not and watched it &…….. I’m really glad I did.

While it wasn’t great by any means I found the characters likable enough and quite enjoyed my time with it. The following eps more or less maintained the same quality & even though the animation was sub-par, I grew found of the MC especially the various nicknames he gave to the supporting cast.

The show follows Junchirou Kagami who was once a renowned person in the field of physic, now living the life of an otaku, forced to take up a job as a teacher. The show has so far followed the pattern of introducing a new character who our MC will then help with his or her (mostly her) problem.


So far I myself have no problems with this setup but I hope there is a bit of a change up in the following eps. If you’re looking for a show with no real issues to speak of and are more or less consistent I recommend you to check it out.

I also would like to add that the Eng. dub is pretty solid and probably elevates the anime for me.

Gintama(small circle on the top right):Ep15


This week Reaper arc continues with another great episode and while the comedy takes a step back, the ep shines on its more dramatic elements. The ep begins where we last left with Yaemon giving Gintoki the task of protecting his sister from the authorities.

The ep then follows a conversation between Gin & Asaemon over whether or not what her father did was right & her guilt over taking his life. The conversation gave us more insight into Asaemon as a character and her conflicted feelings over everything she has done so

The Shinsengumi then arrive to investigate the ship and this segment is the main source of comedy before the reveal that Gin & Asaemon have been sold out by Yaemon(so he was the bad guy) in order to gain favor with the man rumored to be the next Shogun.


The odd jobs fight back against the attakers withs Gin defending Asaemon and helping her come to terms with what happened in the past and realize that her father at least in her eyes was no criminal. She then joins the fight and attacks her brother who strikes back ending the Ep with a cliffhanger.

Overall the episode continued the quality streak with some character development for Asaemon, some badass moments for Gintoki and just enough jokes to remind us that this is still Gintama.

Rokka no Yuusha:Eps1&2


The 1st ep of Rokkka no Yuusha was a delightful one opening up with a solid action scene where Adlet Mayer, self-proclaimed ‚Äústrongest man in the world‚ÄĚ , interrupts a fight between the captain of the Royal Guard & some big bulky guy. He easily bests the two with a variety of trick and skills & then‚Ķ‚Ķ gets thrown in jail for interrupting the fight.

There he has a little chat with the Princess of the Kingdom (who is disguised as a maid) where we get some info on Adlet’s life& the legend of the Rokka no Yuusha. The Ep ends with the revival of the Demon God & Adlet receiving his mark of the six thus setting out with the Princess to meet the other Braves.

The 1st half of Ep2 mainly consists of banter between Adlet & Nashetania as they travel westward. This was enjoyable enough and helped open them up more as characters. The 2nd half was more action focused as the two combated multiple fiends in order to rescue the attacked villagers. The ep ends with a cliffhanger & two more of the Braves being introduced.


Overall I quite liked the these two episodes and our main pair so far has blended very together so far with both being likable and interesting characters. The anime is definitely on the right track so far and I hope it continues that way.

God Eater:Ep1


This episode was quite slow overall and while the last few minutes did have some decent action my opinion of the ep wasn’t so strong. The good points are definitely top notch animation along with its unique art style which I really liked. The Ep did a nice job introducing us to our main characters but besides that (and the animation) had nothing else really going for.

While this may not have been the best of episodes I’m a big fan of the first game and really enjoyed its story so as long as the anime sticks to it I think it should be just fine.