Hey everyone,this my first time posting an article here (actually anywhere on the internet) so I apologize in advance if anyone find any issues in quality or writing of the post. Anyway,since exams just got over and I have a lot of free time I would like to share my opinions on this current season of anime.

So lets begin this list of my favorite anime this winter (not including currently airing shows)

1) Noragami

Eps Seen(7/12)

We'll start of this list with Noragami which is probably the second most popular show this season. It follows Yato, a minor god, in his quest to well.... become a major god. Along the way he meets Hiyori, a half-phantom, and Yukine who he makes his regalia.

So far in Noragami has been a fantastic ride with ep showcasing a great level of quality that has been very consistent so far. It handles its concepts well creating an interesting world Gods and Humans.The main cast is very well done with some great chemistry between them. The animation done by Bones is well done with great visual reactions and fluid action sequences. The series balances its humor and serious moments well by separating the two thus allowing to better tell its tale.


Overall Noragami is great show that I recommend to all anime viewers out there.

2) Tonari no Seki-kun


Eps Seen(6/21)

This is a short anime that follows two high schoolers Seki and Yokoi who happen to sit next to each other in class. Each ep sows Seki finding new ways to kill time such as polishing his desk(pictured above), playing with Go and Shogi pieces(not the actual game), etc. and Yokoi who wants to pay attention in class but knows that what Seki is doing is infinetly more interesting than some teacher going on and on about stuff nobody cares about and in the compliments his actions with her wonderful imagination.

The show is joy to watch and given that its only seven min makes it so much easier to do so. I recommend this anyone looking for good dose of charm and delight-fullness and who wish that there was guy like that in their class.(I know I do)


3) Space Dandy

Eps Seen(6/?)

Space Dandy - The most hyped anime of the winter season and the only anime(I think) to receive a simultaneous sub and dub release.


Space Dandy is from the great mind of Shinichiro Watanabe who has left his mark on the anime industry with classics such as Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo etc.

Now first of all I'm going to say that I have never seen another work his before Bebop and even though I enjoyed it I still fail to see the reasons for the praise it gets.

Moving on, I am actually very much enjoying the adventures of Space Dandy and his rag tag crew in space.The series follows Dandy, a dandy guy in space, and his companions Meow, a cat-like alien, and QT, a robot on a series of wacky adventures. Each ep is its own show (so far) and such can vary in quality. However no ep has really disappointed me so far. The series while not the show some people where hoping for is still none the less a beautifully animated series with some witty dialogue, fun characters, over the top antics and handled by a talented group of people. I recommend this to anyone looking for great 24 min and some wonderfully imaginative animation.


4) Engaged to the Unidentified

Eps Seen(6/12)

Now moving on we have Mikakunin de Shinkoukei or Engaged to the Unidentified. The series is about Kobeni, a girl who on her sixteenth birthday discovers that she is betrothed to Hakuya, a boy who would be living with her family along with his little sister Mashiro. The show follows the cuple through their everyday lives along with the rest of Kobeni's family.


This is a show that I recently picked up and it has already become one of my favorites of the season. The series moves quite quickly unlike most rom-coms both in terms of plot and character development. The main source of comedy is Kobeni's older siscon of a sister Beino(also Mashiro is so damn adorable). The main couple provides the shows sweetest moments and fun to see how they slowly begin to grow closer in different ways.

I recommend this show to anyone looking for good rom-com or just a lot of sweet and adorable moments and reactions between characters.Also anyone turned off because its a rom-com should give it another shot as there more than meets the eye.

5) Hamatora


Eps Seen(7/12)

And the last anime on the list is Hamatora. Ah Hamatora, first off I think I'll start with my thouhts on each ep. Ep 1 and 2 wre both pretty great which were then followed by ep 3 which dipped a bit but wasn't too bad overall, ep 4 brought the show back up again and ep 5 made me facepalm, fortunately ep 6 got back some momentum and ep 7 brought back some of the promise I initially had for the show.

Now I don't think Hamatora is really great show and there are probably others more fit to take its place however while not amazing it does have it moments. I liked the overall concept of minimums and the cast is pretty likable with some nice back-stories and development for some of the (especially Art) .I also want to note that I really enjoyed the whole array of colours symbolizing minimums .


In the all I can say is that this show does have promise and thus could be amazing by the or total crap, either way I sticking with and if anyone is looking for a cool little superpower show this season or just likes pretty colours then check it out.

I hope you all liked the post and I would appreciate your feedback and overall thoughts.