Hi Everyone the name’s XMetalWolf (well not really) and I’m really excited to be participating in this event for the first time.

I’ll start off by saying that my All-Time favorite game is Persona 3 and from that you may assume that I love JRPGS (and you would you be correct).


Since sending physical gift would be kinda annoying for me, I have adopted the ‘Steam Only’ option this time and cause I game a lot more than I probably should.

Anyways moving on, as mentioned above I love JRPGS any such game will make my day. Other than that I do love a good Hack n Slash or any Third Person Shooter. I generally dislike FPS games and get too freaked out for Horror ones. Also I’m a huge Anime fan so any games anime inspired or based upon would also be great.

My current Steam Library:


And Wishlist:


So that about covers it for my tastes. Also my laptop kinda sucks but its the only one I got so hopefully nothing too intense (specs wise). Anyway thanks in advance to whoever gets me (in-case I forget) and I’ll be happy with whatever comes my way.


Here’s to a successful Secret Santa for everyone involved this year.



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