As the Summer Season of 2017 comes to a close its time to look back on all the poor life decisions we made by locking down the best ‘chinese cartoons’ that have consumed our lives these past three months. While originally a more standard ‘top xx’ post, I decided to do things a little differently here by instead giving my thoughts on my favorite anime this season within specific genres. The five genres being here are Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy and Drama. So without further ado, lets hop on to the first stop in our journey with:

The Best Anime to Suit One’s Violent Tendencies

My Hero Academia Season 2

My Hero Academia definitely takes the crown in this department, providing not only beautifully animated spectacles but also strong emotional stakes in its conflict. These two ingredients are for me, the essence for cooking up truly great fights and between the Sports Festival, Hero Killer and Final Exam arcs, ‘My Hero Academia’ delivered such delicious delicacies in spades.

The Best Anime to Make One Feel Lonely

Tsuredure Children


In this category I relinquish the spot to the most sugary sweet anime of the season (and possibly the year), Tsuredure Children. The anime follows the romantic lives of a number of high school couple all of which have wildly different circumstances surrounding their relationships. At its heart Tsuredure Children distills the romance formula to its very core by staring us off with each couple at what would be the climax of many a RomCom anime. But it isn’t simply the pure lovey-doviness being directly injected into our veins that gives this anime its title but also the efficiency at which it’s able to so acquaint viewers with its large cast of characters. Even at only twelve minutes an episode, the anime manages to provide a variable gauntlet of emotions by showcasing the various facets that govern these couples. It’s charming, adorable, funny and even a bit melancholic at time, giving us a wonderful glimpse at that awkward yet heartwarming adolescent romance.

The One with the Best Medicine for Your Stress



While this one also falls into the RomCom genre,it is one that leans heavily to a single side of the spectrum and wonderfully so may I add. Gamers! affords us a look at the daily life of five, ummmm... well gamers (actually four gamers and one normie) who experience the very understandable and arduous challenges of high school romance and that ever growing spider’s web of turbulent misunderstandings.

The cast and their antics are the highlight of the series but close to that out its views on video games. For a show titled Gamers! you’d expect a lot of video game game references and your expectations would be sorely met as these aren’t just Easter Eggs hidden in the background but also well integrated in the dialogue of its cast. It also has pretty relatable stances on video games for all the fans out there. Of-course, this is a RomCom after all so romance is still a part of the equation and while it gets the shorter end of the stick, Gamers! does provide us some sweet and tender moments between its main cast and sets sail a multitude of ships in the process. So if you want less sugar and more pain in your gut (ironically enough) the ‘Gamers!’ is the anime for you


The One that Makes Your Life look Dull

Knight’s & Magic


I know Made in Abyss aired this season but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the time to watch it. However there was another series that, while not reaching the heights of ‘Made in Abyss’, still proved to be a solid show on its own right and one that many may have dismissed soon into the season.That is the oddly titled ‘Knight’s & Magic’. This series’s greatest flaw, besides its somewhat erratic pacing, is that its fairly derivative in its concept. Nothing the show does really stand out yet each element is executed quite well allowing it all culminate into something greater than the sum of it’s parts. The characters are well defined, easily appealing and just fun all around. The animation is solidly competent throughout with the highlights being the surprisingly thrilling and well choreographed Mech battles. While its not going to win any awards, ‘Knight’s & Magic’ provided a jolly good time and easily earns my recommendation.

The Best Anime to Make One Have the Feels

Sakura Quest


And rounding out the picks comes the low key ‘Sakura Quest’. A wonderfully charming series that explores the lives of five women as they work together to revive a small rural town. The series’s charm is twofold, emanating not just from the residents who occupy it but also from the fictional town of ‘Manoyama’. As a show about reviving a rural area, it does a great job on selling its viewers on the intricate and oft ignored beauty that the countryside offers over the daily hustle and bustle of the city. The town of ‘Manoyama’ offers us a lovely abode that I would be glad to live in. The unfolding of the town’s characteristics occur in tandem with our central cast as each of the characters face personal trials which allowing for some great development within their character as well as the chemistry between the cast. ‘Sakura Quest’ allows us a look at a more quaint side of life that brings with it a share of unique joys and wonders, ones that made me fall in love the series and all it offers.